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PAWS is a positive reinforcement program used at Loyal Elementary School to recognize students that go above and beyond normal expectations.  These are to be awarded to students outside of normal classroom management programs.  To increase the effectiveness of the PAWS program, the slips should be used with discretion for behaviors that go above and beyond normal expectations.

Here are some great ideas of behaviors that could be rewarded with PAWS slips


  • A student picks up garbage that others have ignored
  • A student goes out of their way to help another student
  • When a student returns an item that they know has been lost (such as money, homework, jackets)


  • A student assists a teacher in an emergency situation (example: teacher in one room asks an older student to help out if a younger student has gotten sick)


  • A student picks up something that may cause injury (such as shoes in the hallway, cleaning up water, reports broken equipment)
  • A student sees a dangerous situation and is willing to tell the teacher the truth, even if he/she is involved or his/her best friends are involved

Here are ideas of behaviors that would be appropriate to reward with your own classroom reward systems and not PAWS slips.


  • A student kindly reminds classmates to be good listeners
  • An entire class has good behavior


  • A student runs/does normal day-to-day errands/tasks for teachers (copies, organizing, collecting papers)
  • A students works with another classmate on homework
  • A student (or the entire class) is successful on their homework/test


  • A student (or class) walks safely and quietly in the hall
  • A student follows bathroom expectations

We welcome parents and families to be a part of your child's education.  Please come visit us.  However, we do ask that you stop by and let the office know you are here and the areas you plan to visit.    If you are interested in having a conference with your child's teacher, we do appreciate you making an appointment.  Teaching time is very valuable.

You are also welcome to come eat lunch with your child(ren) anytime.  Cost for an adult meal is $3.75.



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