I - Instruction

Last Updated: 7/27/2020 1:54 PM

ID - School Day

IF - Curriculum Development

IGAD - Occupational Education (Education for Employment)

IGAEA - Protective Behaviors Instruction

IGB -  English Language Learning Policy

IGBA - Programs for Students with Disabilities

IGBCA  - Homeless Students

IGBCA-R - District Procedures for Enrolling and Educating Homeless Youth

IGBD - Homebound Instruction

IGBE - Procedures for Implementing Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

IGBG - Technology Concerns for Students with Special Needs

IGBH -  Alternative School Programs

IGBI - Programs and Services for English Language Learners

IGBJ -  Children at Risk Programs

IGBK - Parent Rights in Relation to District Programs/Activities

IGBL - Gifted and Talented Program

IGCD - Youth Options Program

IGD -  Interscholastic and Extracurricular Activity Programs

IGDB - Student Publications

IGDCA  -  Homecoming Activities

IGDF - Student Fund Raising Activities

IGDG - Student Activities Funds Management

IGDGA - Student Activities/Competitions:  Expenses

IGDGA-R - Guidelines for Student Activities/Competitions

IGDJ - Athletic Code of Conduct

IGDJA/GCLB - State Tournament Attendance

IGDGA-R/GCLB-R  - State Tournament Attendance Rules

IIA - Instructional Materials Selection

IIA-R - Guidelines for Instructional Materials Selection in the Media Center and Classroom

IIAD/KFA  - Special Interest Materials

IIBCA - Media Center Access

IIBCA-R - Media Center Access Guidelines to Ensure Access

IIBCB - Confidentiality of Library Records

IIBCB-R  - Guidelines for confidentiality of Library Records

IIBCB-E(1) - ALA Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records

IIBCB-E(2)  - ALA Position Statement on Confidentiality of Library Records

IIBCC - Resource Sharing Policy

IIBCC-R - Guidelines for Resource Sharing

IIBEA - Live Stream Digital Programming

IIBGC -  Digital Learning Acceptable Use

IIBGA/GBGA -  Computer/Internet Use

IIGBA-R - Disciplinary Procedures for Computer/Internet Use Policy Violations

IIBGA-E-1 - Student Acceptable Use Agreement

IIGBA-E-2 - Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Agreement

IIBGB/GBGB -  Creation and Maintenance of Internet Web Pages

IIBGB-E - Parent Permission Form for World Wide Web Publishing of Student Work or Picture                

IIBGB-R - Guidelines for Creation and Maintenance of Internet Web Pages

IIBH - Virtual Education/Online Learning Policy

IICB -  Community Resource Person

IICC - School Volunteers

IICC-R - Volunteer Enrollment Form

IICCA  -  Volunteer Coaches/Advisors

IJ  - Guidance Program

IK/JM - Academic Honesty Policy

IK/JM-R - Guidelines for the Academic Honesty Policy    

IKA - Grading Systems

IKD - Honor Rolls

IKE - PK-8th Grade Placement

IKF - Graduation Requirements

IKFA - Early Graduation

IKFA-E - Early Graduation Request

IKFB - Graduation Exercises

IKFB-R - HSED Completion Recognition Alternatives

IKFF - Diplomas for Veterans

IL - Testing Programs

IL-R - Guidelines for Testing Program Exemptions

INDA  - Patriotic Observances

ING - Animals in the Building