J - Students

Last Updated: 6/30/2020 8:30 PM

JB -  Equal Educational Opportunities

JB-R - Student Discrimination Complaint Procedure

JBA/GBAA  - Harassment/Bullying/Hazing

JBB/GBAB -  Cyber Bullying

JE - Student Attendance

JE-R - Rules for Attendance Policy

JEA-E1 - Checklist for Truancy Referrals

JEB - Entrance Age

JEB-R - Early Admission Procedures

JEC - School Admissions

JECAA - Participation of Non-Public School Students in District Courses/Programs              

JECBA - Admission of Exchange Students

JECBB -  Full-Time Public School Open Enrollment

JECBB-R -  District Procedures for Dealing with Full-Time Open Enrollment Applications

JECBC - Part-Time High School Open Enrollment

JECBC-R - District Procedures for Dealing with Part-Time High School Open Enrollment Applications

JECBD - Open Enrollment Mileage Reimbursement

JECF - Elementary Retention Policy

JEF - Release Time for students:  Work-Based Learning Programs

JEF-R - Rules for Release Time for Students:  Work-Based Learning Programs

JEF-E-1 -  Formal Work-Based Learning Programs Quarter Evaluation

JEF-E-2  - Formal Work-Based Learning Programs Credit/Grading

JEFA - Junior & Senior High School Closed Campus

JEG -  Full-Time Students

JFC - Student Conduct

JFC-E  - Code of Classroom Conduct

JFCA - Student Dress Code

JFCC - Student Conduct on School Buses

JFCC-R - School Bus Regulations

JFCH/JFCI - Student Alcohol and/or Other Controlled Substances Use

JFCH/JFCI-R- Enforcement Procedures

JFCI - Privacy in Locker Rooms

JFCJ - Possession or Use of Weapons

JFCK - Personal Communication Device Policy

JFCM - Gang and Gang-Related Behavior

JFGA - Locker Searches

JFGC -  Electronic Surveillance of Public Areas of School Buildings and Grounds

JG - Student Discipline

JGA - Staff use of Physical force/Corporal Punishment

JHC - Student Health Services

JHCA - Physical Examinations of Students

JHCB - Student Immunizations

JHCC - Communicable Diseases

JHCC-R -   Communicable Disease Control Guidelines

JHCCA -  Head Lice Policy

JHCD -  Administering Medication to Students

JHCD-R - Instructions/Consent for Administering Prescription Medication

JHCD-R (2) - Severe Allergy Authorization – Parent/Guardian Form

JHCDA - Procedure for Management of Student Allergies

JHE - Student Suicide Prevention

JHFA - Transportation by Private Vehicles

JHFD - Student Automobile Use

JHFE - School Visitors

JHG - Child Abuse/Neglect

JHG-R - Procedures for Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

JHJ - Student Assistance Program

JHJ-R - Student Assistance Program (SAP) Procedures

JHK - Wellness Policy

JI - Student Awards and Scholarships

JI-E - Faculty Procedures for Selecting Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship Designee in the Event of a Tie

JIA - Technical Education Scholarship

JM/IK - Academic Honesty Policy

JM/IK-R - Guidelines for the Academic Honesty Policy

JN - Student Fees and Fines

JO - Student Records

JO-R - Guidelines for Maintenance and Confidentiality of Student Records

JO-E  -  Student Records Notice