Math in Junior/Senior High


The Loyal Junior High and High School Math Departments have introduced their new math series “Into” math for all classes 7th grade through Intermediate Algebra. The implementation of the new math series has been very successful and the teachers are enjoying teaching this new curriculum. There has been a very smooth transition for both staff and students in regards to the curriculum.

In junior high, students having been solving linear equations, finding solutions for inequalities, graphing inequalities and working with slope intercept form (y=mx+b). Algebra 1 students are solving and graphing exponential functions, while the Algebra 2 students are solving log functions. In geometry, students are working with similar triangles and polygons. Starting next unit, geometry students will be concentrating on circles. College Algebra is working on Trigonometry (Soh Cah Toa). Finally, pre-calculus students are solving systems and partial fractions with matrices. 

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