It's Great to Be a 5th Grader

5th Grade Virtual Class

It’s a great to be a fifth grader! This has been a year of learning new technology and programs!. 

Mrs. Rentmeester and Mrs. Haselow have been using Google Classroom to put on messages and assignments, plus recorded videos from that day’s lessons. Fifth graders know to check Google Classroom to get their assignments or to watch videos when they need help on homework. Mrs. Rentmeester has been live streaming the class day with her virtual student. The kids have had a great time reconnecting with him!

Many fun projects have been done this year! The students have used their laptops to research different types of dinosaurs, states, and gone on a scavenger hunt with Lewis and Clark, just to name a few.

Finally, fifth grade has been working very hard on math, especially fractions! The students put their skills to work by making cookie dough and adjusting the recipe to fit different scenarios. We cannot wait to see what is going to happen next!


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