Off to A Fast But Great School Year

Mr. Lindner

As we finish up our sixth week of school, we are off to a fast but great start to the school year. There have been many changes that we have experienced at the beginning of the year with a new trimester schedule and our middle school concept with grades 6th, 7th, and 8th which has started out very successfully.

With the start of school also brings the concern for COVID sickness and close contacts with staff and students. The district updated our Operational Plan last month to include that all close contacts at school would have the option of getting a COVID test on day six and can return to school with proof of a negative test; or, choose not to test and be out of school for ten days, with the return on day eleven.  You can follow our daily COVID numbers on our website. This year we have had a low number of positives and close contacts.  Our goal is to try to keep our students in school and face to face with their teachers. I believe keeping a normal schedule in school is what is best for our children. Being with their peers and the district’s staff is vitally important for the social and emotional well-being of our students.

For the last two years the district has been working with Miron Construction and HSR reviewing our facilities and discussing what needs to be updated to meet our future educational goals. This has been a long but worthwhile experience and we currently have a conceptual plan that we are asking for feedback on from the community.  Each resident of our school district was mailed a copy of a survey to fill out and mail back to School Perceptions, the company who is collecting the feedback and calculating the outcome of the information that they receive. I ask you to please fill out and return the survey, so that the district can use your feedback on upcoming decisions involving the possible facilities upgrades. Your input is very valuable to us at the district because we will use that information to determine what to ask for in a Spring referendum.  We have scheduled a Community Meeting on October 20th in the high school gym starting at 6:00 pm. This meeting is to answer questions about the survey and/or the facilities conceptual proposal.

The District’s Annual meeting will be held on October 25th at 7:00 pm. At this meeting, I will be going through the budget for the 2021-22 school year; and we will be voting on this year’s tax levy.

While we have been working on plans for updating our facilities, we have also managed to complete the work on a number of smaller facility projects. This past summer we updated the electrical and data lines throughout the entire building.  We have updated the hallways and seven classrooms to LED lighting.  This will continue until all the rooms are fitted with LED lighting.  We also were able to upgrade ten classrooms with new uni-vents that are both heat and air conditioning.  Also, we revamped our Family and Consumer Science room into a culinary lab and we replaced most of the equipment in the  weight room.  We will also be upgrading the pole vault, long jump, triple jump, and high jump practice facilities that are used by the track and field team.  Lastly, we will be removing the tennis courts because of the extremely poor condition they are in.  We are looking at different options for moving them to a new location.

I am excited to see what the fall will bring and we will continue to do our best “Ensuring All Students Learn”.  I look forward to hearing any suggestions or concerns that you may have. We are currently looking for a part time Special Education aide and are always looking for substitute teachers, so if you are interested in working for the district, please check our website for available positions.

Enjoy the fall colors!

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