It's Hard to Say Goodbye

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

As a teacher, every fall a new group of learners comes through your door.  These children start out as blank slates, but as you get to know them, you find ways to fulfill their needs and uncover their talents.  You lose sleep trying to find ways to reach their goals and beam with pride when they exceed their expectations.  Then all of the sudden June is here again and it is time to let this group go and prepare for the new learners that are coming in the fall.  This seems like it would be an easy thing to do, but these kiddos become part of you and it is bittersweet when they move on to the next grade.

Being the principal, over the year, I got to pop into classes at every level.  I saw 4K learners who hid behind their moms the first week of school grow into independent little people who proudly sang about how ready they are to go to kindergarten.  I shared stories with kindergarten and first grade students.  The second-grade students and I swapped jokes at lunch most of the year.  The third graders successfully tacked their first encounter with State testing.  The fourth graders shared demonstration speeches and a wax museum.  I even talked with the fifth graders about destinations for possible “fieldtrips.”  I believe an igloo hotel and a tropical beach were discussed.  No matter what grade level, ALL the kiddos have learned so much and grown both academically and physically.  I hope you all have a wonderful summer and spend lots of time outside doing activities with your families and friends.

One huge change that will be noticeable this fall are the changes in staff.  Mr. Hanson and Mr. O are both leaving so there will be two new music teachers.  I wish them both the very best in their new endeavors.  There will be two new Title I teachers as well.  Mrs. Harder will be moving from the Title department into the vacant 1st grade position.  Three staff members are retiring, leaving the district without 116 years of experience.  Sharon Briceland has been with the district for 45 years and her absence will be felt in the library.  Dan Lindgren has been in the maintenance department for 30 years and his building knowledge will be hard to replace.  First grade will be very different this fall as Susan Stelzer retires after 41 years with Loyal.  I have known all three of these people for many years, and even though I am excited for them to enjoy their retirement, I am also going to deeply miss their presence, they have brought many valuable gifts to the district and they will be missed . . . THANK YOU for everything.

Another big difference in the fall, will be the change from a two day a week to a four day a week 4K program.  Many parents and kiddos showed up from the Open House that was held on May 19th.  Thank you to all who came and we look forward to working with you and your kiddos this fall.

Combining both libraries into one space this fall will also be a big change.  Staff and volunteers have been working hard packing and preparing for the big move.  Look for more information about a grand reopening in the fall.

Over the last month there have been a lot of activities and fieldtrips too.  The kindergarten class visited various places in the community to learn about different jobs.  Second graders went to the Chippewa Valley Museum.  The 4th, 5th, and 6th graders were finally able to visit the State Capitol again.  Our local FFA chapter held Ag Day for all elementary students.  The 4th graders even earned a visit from the Spudmobile.  Now we are looking forward to Summer School which will run from June 13th – July 1st.

The 2021-2022 school year is now finished.  A lot happened over the last year.  Kiddos learned so much and I am very proud of them and the staff.  Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you in the fall as we start the new school year in August.

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