Ready for Another Year of Learning

School Ready for Another Year of Learning

As we approach August, summer starts winding down and another school year is upon us.  It is amazing how summer comes and goes in a blink of an eye and preparation of another school year is in its last push. The school year at Loyal is starting a little earlier than normal, with registration on Tuesday, August 2 and Wednesday, August 3rd from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. The first day of school will be August 23rd with the middle school and high school having their first day of classes and the elementary school having their Open House. Busses will run for the middle school and high school students on that day.  As the 2022-2023 school approaches the custodians have been working hard to make sure the building is in top condition when staff and students come back in August. In addition to our routine summer maintenance and cleaning projects; we also had several building projects that we wanted to complete by the start of school.  Here is a listing:   

  • We have moved and combined our elementary library with our middle school/high school library.  This project has been some time in the making, but the plan is that the K-12 library will be new and ready for the start of the school year.  I am excited for our staff and students to have this updated beautiful space.
  • The main structures of the elementary playground equipment had been slowly deteriorating and was getting to the point of being a safety concern, so we replaced the two main structures and added a couple pieces of equipment to really enhance our playground.
  • The replacement of 80% of the interior doors and hardware in the building is just about complete and will be completed the very first part of August. They really stand out and look great.  The majority of the doors replaced were the original doors in the 1963 addition to the building.
  • LED lighting has also been an update that we have started a few years ago and we continue to replace lights throughout the building in different classrooms.  This summer we have updated eight different classrooms, with ceiling replacement in five of the classrooms to accommodate the new LED lights. 
  • The Board of Education also approved the replacement of uni-vents and air handlers throughout the building, but there was a delay on shipment, so the uni-vents (5) will be here in October or November and will be installed in the classrooms over Thanksgiving break.  The air handlers were also delayed, so we are planning on completing the replacement/update of those 11 air handlers throughout the building next summer.  There is HVAC work being done in the FACS room, which will complete that project, and the former elementary library, which we are considering using as a 4YK and/or Kindergarten room(s).     

We continue to work on filling our last open teaching positions.

As the 2022-2023 school year approaches, School District of Loyal will be entering the last year of a five year operational referendum and we will need to pursue another operational referendum for the following year.  Our current referendum was for $675,000 per year for five years.  At the June Board meeting, our Board of Education listened to a presentation by Debbie Brunett from Baird Financials.  Baird Financials assists school districts in deciding the amount and what type of referendum the district should run.  The Loyal Board of Education will be deciding when to have a referendum vote, for how much per year and what type, recurring or non-recurring.  The difference between these two types of referendums is that a recurring referendum is on-going and never stops and non-recurring has a sunset or end date to it, for example 3-year or 5-year.  The choice of when to have the community vote comes down to two dates, November election of 2022 or April election of 2023, there is no election in November of 2022.  These decisions will be made soon, and we will plan accordingly.      

At the end of June, I assisted in chaperoning a group of 28 middle school students and several adults to Washington DC for our bi-annual DC Trip.  Once again, this was a great experience for everyone involved and lots of sights to see.  This is and always has been an awesome educational trip for our students.

I am excited for the upcoming school year and the updates that we have done to the building and staff.  I would like to thank all the custodians for all their hard work over the summer to get everything ready for our August start.

If you ever have questions, please feel free to stop in and talk or call me at 715-255-8511 ext.1300 or email me at

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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