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Financial Aid and Scholarships

FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS: use these links as you explore ways to help finance your education.

Please watch the Loyal Facebook page for announcements regarding Loyal's Financial Aid presentation.

  • FAFSA4caster: will help you understand your options for paying for college--estimates your eligibility for federal student aid.
  • FAFSA: to receive any financial aid, you must complete the FAFSA.   Seniors can begin filling out the FAFSA after December 1 of their senior year. Area colleges host Financial Aid nights, which will be posted on Loyal's Facebook page.
  • Federal Student Aid: A site to help explain the types of financial aid that are available.
  • Wisconsin State AidState of Wisconsin financial aid programs are administered by the Higher Educational Aids Board. They are eligible only to residents of the State of Wisconsin.
  • Ultimate FAFSA Resource Guide: trusted sites that help you navigate the FAFSA and the world of federal student aid.
  • View Loyal's Financial Aid Timeline. 


  • Community Scholarships:  Each year, Loyal seniors are able to fill out one, common scholarship application.  Seniors' completed applications are then provided to many local scholarship providers.  New, updated copies of the Community Scholarship Application will be made available each year to Loyal seniors in late December.  Click HERE to go to Loyal's list of scholarships. 
  • Draper/Hills Scholarship: Each year, Loyal seniors are present the Draper/Hills scholarship application in December. Click HERE to go to Loyal's list of scholarships. 
  • Once you've applied and been accepted to your colleges, be sure to search the college website for scholarship opportunities. 
  • Ask your parents and guardians about possible scholarship opportunities through their worksites and through organizations/clubs with which they are affiliated. 
  • Scholarship Search Sites:  You should never have to pay for scholarships--if a site asks for a "registration fee", or states "For $50 we'll find you $50,000 in scholarships", be cautious--these are possibly scams.