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When you move on to high school and become a freshman, everything starts to "count".  All of your freshmen courses, grades, and credits will be on your high school transcripts, and your freshman grades will be used when determining your high school GPA.  Freshmen activities, honors, and awards can also be listed on college and scholarship applications.  As a freshman, become involved in activities, establish good study habits, and work hard to get good grades. 


Continue exploring colleges and universities. Take some virtual Campus Tours!

Use the UW Systems Find A Major site to discover majors are available at which campuses.

Check out options and programs at Wisconsin's Technical Colleges

Look at all of the programs that are offered at Wisconsin's Private Colleges.

10 things to do to make your freshman year the best:

  1. Be yourself!
  2. Join a club or organization that interests you.
  3. Work hard!
  4. Use your study hall time wisely.
  5. Develop superior study habits and note-taking skills.
  6. Mingle with a diverse group of people and develp interpersonal skills.
  7. Stay focused.
  8. Set a multitude of goals and reach them, then set more goals.
  9. Always have required materials for your class.
  10. Have fun!