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Your junior year is an important time! You should now be taking college tests and making college visits. Use the following "To Do" list during your junior year:

  • To see how your NTC and other college credits will transfer from college to college, use Transferology.  Click here to access Mrs. Scherer's handout on how to use Transferology.
  • Check out the AP & IB EXAMS site to see how AP/IB courses may transfer to UW schools. 
  • Attend a Wisconsin Education Fair. You will have the opportunity to meet with and gather information/materials from representatives from universities, technical colleges, private schools and branches of the military. 
  • Junior career project--take this opportunity (during Junior English) seriously and do you homework!
  • Think ahead to your senior year--plan on taking courses that will keep challenging you so that you're ready for your next steps!


  • Approach the ASVAB with a positive attitude.  The free ASVAB is given to all  of Loyal's juniors.  The test results fit nicely into your junior English career unit.  The ASVAB, which is timed, is also a great practice for the ACT.
  • Consider taking the PSAT if you would like more practice for the ACT.  Further, the PSAT is linked to the National Merit Scholarship program.
  • Do your best to prepare for the ACT, which you will take in late February or early March of this year.  If you would like to practice for the ACT, search for free ACT practice sites, or use  
  • If your ACT scores are not what you need/want, you can retake the ACT  at your own cost.
  • If you plan to attend a technical college and your ACT scores aren't quite what you want/need, consider taking the ACCUPLACER or the COMPASS. These tests may be acceptable at your technical colleges--check with Mrs. Scherer.


  • To see a list of college-credit courses that you can take at Loyal High School, click HERE. 
  • Throughout the year there will be representatives from universities, technical colleges and the military available at LHS to meet with you. Take advantage of these people to help develop your post-secondary plans.
  • Take this year to visit campuses.  Click HERE and HERE to access two "Tips for Campus Visits" handouts.
  • Get a head start on Applying to College by using this basic timeline handout.
  • Use this handout for a Financial Aid Timeline.
  • Check out IT'S TIME TO GET UW READY for help on applying to your UW school!